Can you 
flip the pancake?

Join the pancake battle! FlipFlick is the world´s yummiest board game about pancakes. May the maple syrup be with you!

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Flipping Pancakes, Flicking Cards


We love pancakes! All FlipFlick players conjuring up the most delicious pan creations agree. Whether topped with blueberries or strawberries, doused with wonderful warm chocolate syrup or enjoyed as a classic with just butter and syrup — these pancake creations are a feast for eyes and mouth. But don’t forget this one small detail:

A good pancake must be flipped — preferably several times!
That way, it is crispy and brown from both sides — and, of course, it is a good show for a curious audience.

This works best by “flicking” the pancake playing cards with your fingers and quickly catching them again. Oh no — the first mishap. Plop, and everything is on the ground! That means you’re going to lose points. But don’t freak out just yet — there is still enough batter left. Will the other players do a better job? Check it out — one of them has served four different pancake creations already. Wow! But hey, someone is actually trying to steal hard-earned pancake points! How dare they? We’ll see who collects the most points in the end — either through a skillful hand flipping pancakes or through the greatest strategic skills.

May the pancake battle begin!

Boardgame. About. Pancakes. Yummy!

FLIPFLICK is like a Strawberry pancake with hot chocolate sauce – a superb combination of family fun in a card based board game, drenched in a good portion of luck, slight of hand skills PLUS tactics & strategy. The perfect game for the whole familiy!


Learn how to play FLIPFLICK and find out more about winning pancake flipping and card flicking techniques



This is Kai. He is the inventor of FLIPFLICK. But is he also good in flicking cards and flipping pancakes? 


Family fun in a box

Whether in twos or threes or fours – FlipFlick is always fun. All you need is some sleight of hand and 30 to 60 minutes of time. And best of all: the game instructions are bilingual! 


Rules, Tips and Tricks

All the yummy details. Start flipping pancakes right away!

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Tested and played a trillion times 

We have provided our prototypes to our family, friends, friends of friends and local board game clubs. The super valuable feedback has always been incorporated into more gameplay features and the FLIPFLICK rule book. We are very proud on what we have achieved so far.