A Yummy Board Game About Pancakes

HI! My name is KAI! Yep, that’s a German name. It means as much as “dock” or “quay”. Although I have nothing at all to do with ships or seafaring. I have a proven track record as senior executive companies like DHL and LOREAL, helping them with digital transformation. But my true passion is developing board games. And i love pancakes! Just like my two children, Tilly and Lele. So we put our love into a board game.

Thats also me 🙂

Say HI to Tilly and Lele

Game Idea

Of course, everyone loves pancakes and Sunday breakfast in a cozy diner.


But apart from that, there are not many family games that actually appeal to every family member. So, I wanted to develop a game that required skill, strategic thinking, bold cleverness and a good portion of luck at the very same time. One player may score points using their strategic skills, while another chef may rely more on their motor skills. At the same time, the game strengthens and trains important skills, such as calculating, taking chances and strategic thinking. Besides that, playing Pancake Flip simply is a lot of fun that’s topped with whipped cream and sprinkles!

By the way: you don’t just have to play with your kids. It’s PERFECT for grown-ups, too. But be careful: you’ll want to have pancakes after playing this game. Lots of them.

More Info about Kai

In his “other life”, Kai is a founder, keynote speaker and senior executive

FlipFlick Press Release

German-American crossover board game is bringing together fun and food in a perky new way

As a hands-on father Kai Schmidhuber was not unknown to the all-encompassing power of pancakes in the kitchen. FlipFlick is his personal ode to the delightful dish that plays a characteristic role in many households across the world. It is a strategic game based on skill, tactics and dexterity.

The tabletop game aims at bringing together families over meals and allowing them to indulge in a game that will help the dynamics of their relationships holistically . FlipFlick encourages families to celebrate love and joy through a board game that motivates healthy competition and positive interaction. Based on pancake recipes, the game is an ideal choice for people who enjoy experimental cooking, ingenious gaming and spending quality time with their family as FlipFlick offers these as a part of a great and entertaining package-all for flipping pancakes.

The innovative board game is a perfect pick for 2 to 4 players, aged 8 and above who enjoy pancakes and have a maestro of tastes hidden deep within. The game helps in bringing out their inner chefs and creating stunning and, at times, out-of-the-box variants of conventional pancakes. The game is built on the existing and slightly elaborated gratification surrounding the flipping of pancakes which indeed enjoys the status of as task of great glory and skill.

Along with the aesthetically appeasing board, FlipFlick comes with 54 pancake cards, 20 action cards, 12 glass chips and 20 wooden pancake chips. Players are also provided with a detailed and colored instructions booklet to help them through the game along with the promise of a memorable and enjoyable experience every single time they flip those pancake cards. All components of the game are made of credible, premium quality materials. 

The game originated in Kai’s humble kitchen in the presence of his children, Lele and Tilly, and ,of course, some pancakes that had to be flipped. The Schmidhubers creatively drew parallels between flicking of a card and flipping of a pancake and, thus, was born the idea behind FlipFlick, a game designed out of one family’s love for pancakes to be shared as a pleasure amongst many such families across the globe.

More information regarding this playful pancake battleground and the perks and exclusive edition available for backers can soon be found on FlipFlick’s Kickstarter Campaign page.