How to play

A Yummy Board Game About Pancakes


In FLIPFLICK, players will take on the role of a lovely pancake chef as they prepare different beautiful pancake variations and yummy all-time favorites.

While cooking, the chefs will take actions and collect points for the pancakes they successfully flip —but don’t risk too much and drop them! That will cost you more than just cleaninga dirty kitchen floor.

Players will make a choice of how much risk they are going to take in flipping the pancakes. The higher the risk, the more difficult the flip, the more points to win – and to lose, of course.

As a competing chef, you’ll have to interfere with your fellow co-chefs’ pancake flips and also steal their nicest creations to your advantage. But you can only win the game with the right combination of pancakes. You better flip quickly.

Main Game Components

Card based board game – superior quality!

Super fun game board. With a syrup spiral!

What will you get?

How to FLIP a Panckake

Game Rules

The rules of the game are really not difficult to understand. But it’s still not a game of chance, it challenges you in all respects. Sleight of hand, tactics, strategy and also a certain amount of cheekiness are part of it. And you should know something about pancakes… 😉

The Song

Ok, this is to reward you – scrolling soooooooo long down the site! Thank you for visiting and being interested in the game. Please enjoy the FlipFlick Theme Song. Written and performed by Kai.